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[IP] PARADIGM No Delivery alarm

I have had my Paradigm for about 3 weeks now and in the past week I have 
experienced 4 NO DELIVERY alarms.

I had plenty of insulin in the resevoir, but I filled up a new one and 
changed the resevoir.  Each time I have checked my BG and it has been fine, 
so I do not know how long I was without insulin.  Thankfully each time it has 
happened I have been at home and able to quickly remedy the problem.

Next time it happens, I am going to call Minimed and insist that they send me 
a new pump.

Has anyone else experienced this problem??  I had it happen on 8/3, 8/10, 
8/11 & 8/12.

Any insight would be appreciated!!

kind of wishing I had my 508 back!!!
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