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[IP] more about bubbles

If you have followed the instructions offered by other pumpers and STILL
have some bubbles in your tubing, disconnect and manually prime the little
buggers out.  You don't have to pull your whole set out and start all over

Just a word about tapping the resevoir when you're trying to get all the
bubbles out.  You get used to doing this with the syringe supplied with the
resevoir; you can tap pretty vigorously.  Then try going on a pump vacation
and start filling those delicate, thin syringes.  Whoops, you have
perpendicular needles before you know it!  I have given up trying to get
bubbles out when I shoot up these days.

Meanwhile, I'm scheduled to go back on the pump on Friday, August 23.  Can't
wait.  My MiniMed pump trainer is coming to my house for my very own private
training.  I'm on Novolog (having much better success with it than with
Humalog), we'll work with a couple different sets, different sites, go over
my technique (which I think has gotten sloppy over the years), and we're
going to try CGMS again.  (I tried a few weeks ago, off pump, and the sensor
only lasted 24 hours.  We'll see if I can get a little more data this time
around and we'll see how my initial basal settings do.)  Anyhow, I'm real
pleased with what MiniMed has done for me throughout this and I am looking
forward to pump freedom again.  (I can relate to you new pumpers as you
count down to your first day on the pump.  I'm counting now!)

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