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[IP] Re:Macs and BG meters (long)

> When I did the software through Virtual PC, I had to use the Lifescan and
> also the DEX cable with a Keyspan Serial to USB adapter. Keyspan can be a
> temperamental thing, but the most that would happen is the thing won't
> recognize for a time or two. By unplugging and re-plugging in the USB, it
> does work, but *I* would like to see a USB cable for this service.
> Even many modern PC's are phasing out the serial port, but when I got the
> Lifescan cable and it was a 24 pin Serial, I seriously wondered about their
> tech people.

Because we use Macs and download Ultras to them, I have privately emailed
information to some people.  To others who may be curious enough to read
what is written below, my (perfectly wonderful!!!) husband wrote up the
We have been downloading our 3 Lifescan Ultra meters to a Mac G3 easily and
without any problems for over a year using Virtual PC. We were using Virtual
PC 4.02, but we have upgraded to 5.04 with Windows 98. The Virtual PC
application with Windows will let you run any PC program on your Mac G3 or
G4 (including iMacs) in a Windows environment; the only problem is that PC
programs tend to be slow running. The PC program you need is available thru
the LifeScan web site Free Of Charge on the condition that you buy the
LifeScan cable (which you need anyway--it costs about $17.) Virtual PC 5.04
with Windows costs about $180. You also need a serial to USB adapter, and a
specific one, namely, the KeySpan 28X. KeySpan's original model 28 will not
work. This adapter costs about $55, and it will allow you to use serial
devices thru your USB ports. Lastly, you need a standard Mac modem adapter
cable (25 pin male to 8 pin round) which costs about $10. Total cost about
$262. The KeySpan adapter plugs into your USB port. The modem adapter cable
round connector plugs into one of KeySpan's serial (round) ports. The other
end of the modem cable plugs into the female 25 pin plug on the LifeScan
cable. And the free end of the LifeScan cable plugs into your Ultra meter.
It is easy to figure out once you have the pieces in front of you. Be sure
the end that goes into your meter is fully inserted.

The only "tricky" part of running the LifeScan program, In Touch, is setting
the PC ports correctly to find your meter(s). In the In Touch program is a
preference panel. Choose COM 1 as the port at which your meters can be
found. In the Virtual PC settings box assign COM 1 to either the printer
port (serial port 1) or the modem port (serial port 2) depending on which
port of the KeySpan adapter into which you plugged the round connector from
the modem cable. That's all there is to it. You can now begin downloading
your meters. 

One other thing. Your Ultra meter should be off when you connect it to the
LifeScan cable. The program will access it directly, and you will see "PC"
appear on your meter as it is accessed. The program is basically self
explanatory. I will be glad to supply additional information if you need it.

Richard (Barbara's husband)
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