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[IP] scary stories

Shortly after returning to
>school after 2 weeks in the children's hospital, a teacher told me of a
>friend of hers in college to injected into her stomach and the needle got
>stuck and she had to go to the ER to get it out!  I used my thighs well 
>college until braving a try into my stomach!  I know the teacher meant 
>but people *do* like to bring out their goriest tales to tell.  At that 
>time after just returning to school, a classmate said, "Diabetes? My aunt
>just died of that!"
>It would have been great to have had some pre-warning of people's
>well-intended scary stories!!!

OMG!!!  I hate it so much when people think I want to hear their scary 
diabetes stories!!!  I really don't!  Most recently, the receptionist in my 
office called me to tell me that she needed *someone* to talk to about her 
25 year old diabetic friend who suddenly went into kidney failure and had 
had to have all of her fingers amputated blah blah blah...  Of course, the 
whole time she's unloading on me I'm thinking she should've found *someone 
else*, like, for example, ANYONE who is NOT diabetic and who is not going to 
have the you know what scared out of them!!!  And, of course, weeks later 
she tells me that it turned out that her friend's problems were not caused 
by diabetes but by the extraordinary amount of pills she had swallowed...  
Ugh.  What are people thinking when they tell us this stuff???  Noone would 
ever tell an acquaintance with cancer all the scary cancer stories they 
knew, but I swear that people are always doing it to me...


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