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Re: [IP] remember?

Becky wrote:  "The Dr. told my Mom to use my stomach as a
> site and I still remember screaming and crying in fear of the impending
> pain and then laughing when it didn't hurt afterall. <g>"

I was a freshman in high school when diagnosed.  Shortly after returning to
school after 2 weeks in the children's hospital, a teacher told me of a
friend of hers in college to injected into her stomach and the needle got
stuck and she had to go to the ER to get it out!  I used my thighs well into
college until braving a try into my stomach!  I know the teacher meant well,
but people *do* like to bring out their goriest tales to tell.  At that same
time after just returning to school, a classmate said, "Diabetes? My aunt
just died of that!"

It would have been great to have had some pre-warning of people's
well-intended scary stories!!!
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