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Re: [IP] air bubbles

> you were absolutely still for three days without moving the pump, (yeah,
> that's going to happen!!) then you probably would have far fewer aie
> I'm pretty sure it's the motion the pump goes through that creates the air
> bubbles. The last time I had the flu I was sick on the

Why do you beleive that the motion causes air bubbles? I don't have air
bubble problems and I'm constantly working out and on the move.  Here is
some cautions I learned when filling my resevoirs for my Paradigm:

1. Do not pull the syringe back too fast.  If the vacuum is greater in the
vial, the air must come from somewhere, and that somewhere will be around
the black gasket on the inside of the resevoir and cause large bubbles.

2. When putting air into the vial to pressurize it, make sure the vial is
down on the table.  Do not blow the air up into the insulin, it stays in
there for awhile and you can pull it back into your resevoir.

3. I roll the insulin in my hands for awhile before filling the resevoirs to
warm it up a little so the cold insulin does not meet the warm resevoir.
This will cause bubbles. (so I've heard)
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