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[IP] Re: Diabetics and Sweets

From: email @ redacted
[IP] Re: Diabetics and Sweets

<<<Can anyone point me to articles or research about the current thinking
regarding IDDM diabetics eating high sugar foods such as cakes, cookies,
etc.? I always felt that if you knew your carb/insulin ratio, there was no
reason you couldn't enjoy these in moderate amounts - provided of course you
were not overweight to begin with. A friend who also has IDDM insists that
diabetics are not "allowed" to have any sweets. Is there research I can
direct her to showing that these are not harmful in moderation? >>>

Have you seen the ad for the MM pump? with the big cake and the slogan "Now
You Can"

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends With Diabetes
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