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Re: [IP] remember?

I, too, share the same experiences of the 50's...diagnosed in March
1957.  Age 6 1/2...Easter time that year.  The Pink Ladies delivered
Easter Baskets to the children in the hospital AND, of course, my basket
was taken away!

I recall learning to inject an Orange...and I also developed an
atrophied site on one thigh.  The Dr. told my Mom to use my stomach as a
site and I still remember screaming and crying in fear of the impending
pain and then laughing when it didn't hurt afterall. <g>

My dear Mother told me years later that she was physically ill every day
after needing to give me a shot.  I never knew it at the time!

I still have a U40 glass syringe tucked away in a drawer with the old
text that said the lifespan for Diabetic's was ten years.  WHY?  I have
no idea...the hub is even broken on the syringe. I should just throw it

I was prescribed drug's for Epliteptic seizure's until the Dr. decided I
was allergic to Regular Insulin...which in fact was NOT true...they did
not recognized I was low bg and seizuring from this problem.  

So when the first pumps came on the market I was not a candidate due to
alledged allergy to Regular.   I just really don't need alot of
insulin...my basal rate totals 10.7u at the moment.

I remember going to Bearskin Meadows Camp in 1962...the first time I
ever met another Diabetic child! There were MANY of us! <g>

I remember being a diabetic teenager...I'd rather NOT remember!  <g>

I learned alot growing up with diabetes...so that when my eldest son was
diagnosed in 1988 at age 17...I bit my tongue ALOT! <g>

Becky LaSpina
IDDM- 1957  MM507c 12/98
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