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Re: [IP] JV worries

> Hi gang,
> I have some concerns I'm hoping other parents who have been thru
> this can give me some advice. Kevin has played soccer for years. (8
> to be exact) He has played on a county league for all of them which
> practices 2x per week and plays one game/week. That schedule I can
> handle since I go to all the practices and games. I'm extra careful
> with Kevin only because he also has ADHD and tends to forget the
> little things like TESTING (or be very impulsive) or taking
> juice/food down to the field. Now, with JV, and the county league,
> he will be playing 6 days a week! JV trains every day or has a game
> right after school...and I'm thinking he should do this on his own,
> BUT know Kevin better. Of course, I will be talking to the coach,
> but a lot of the burden with be on Kevin.
Once you have talked to him, the three of you should talk together.

> I hear the schedule and
> practices are grueling on the body. How have you handled this? We
> have started talking to Kevin saying he's gonna have to have snacks
> in his bag and Gatorade or sodas every day AND he will have to check
> as needed. He says all the right things, but I have my questions
> about whether he will....Do most of you go to these practices? Or
> can your 14 year old handle it all?

Hi Robin,

You 14 yo will LEARN to handle it. I won't take very many times a 
feeling crappy because he's low or high for him to figure out that he 
either needs to me more vigilant or ask for help. Some rules that 
might help....

He should not play if bg's are below 85 or above 180. I just won't 
work and bg's will get worse in the wrong direction. The low's he can 
fix quick with glucose -- enough to get him up to 125 - 150. The 
high's, he'll have to bolus and wait. That's hard, but it promotes 
the idea of planning ahead. I'm sure he will violate the "high" rule, 
but what he will find out is that he will "run" but won't be able to 
get that "burst of speed" and will not go as fast and will tire out 
sooner. If he's a committed athlete, he will soon figure out that 
being "in range" will allow him to get peak performance from his 
body. He should arrange a signal with the coach and coaching assts to 
take him out if he feels low or "funny". It won't happen often, but 
when it does, he will need to be confident that they'll pull him out 
for a check. The cooperation of the coaches is paramount. The coach 
also needs to know that he can depend on his player. That will com 
with familiarity. I can recall the coach and whole varsity team 
standing around Lily while she tested before the start of the game 
making sure her bg's were ok so she could start. He even made a 
little speech about it one season ... how it was amusing that the 
whole team was so interested and how important her well being was for 

And..... your son must stay hydrated at all costs. On those hot days, 
he will be the first one to feel the "heat" so to speak if his bg's 
are the slighest bit out of whack. He should make it a habit to test 
1-2 hrs pre game and again at 30 minutes pre game so he has the 
opportunity to tune up his bg's.

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