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Re: [IP] JV worries

>  But high school soccer is going to be different than his club teams
>  when he 
> was younger. My 16 yo son's played soccer since he was 5 and I've
> never known of a diabetic child playing (of course, parents aren't
> going to advertise it and there's no reason for anyone else to know
Well.... Lily's not a guy, but she played since she was 8 or 9 years 
old (dx'd a 11). After her diagnosis she continued to play class A 
CYSA, varsity ball then premiere league. Her premiere team, which 
was only together 9 months, (girls then went off to college) finished 
as runner up in the state championships to a team that had been 
together for years. That was after 2 sudden death overtimes, one kid 
carted off to the hospital (she was OK) and 2 sets of shoot outs -- 
lost by one ball :-( Yeah, girls AND diabetic kids play soccer, 
rough soccer. Lily was alway on the first team, and always started 
.... well almost always. She use to get the jitters and high bg's 
when she was younger. Her coach figured it out and told her she would 
not start. Magic, no more high bg's. Then he'd sub her in during the 
first 5 minutes of the game. 

Diabetes is NOT and impediment to sports. Sometimes it is necessary 
to educated other parents, the coaches and their staff, but the 
bottom line is athletic performance. The coaches are interested in 
that and almost all will make whatever allowances are necessary for 
an exemplary player. I always had to have a talk with the "snack" 
volunteers to make sure they brought diet drinks, etc... but that's 
our job as our child's advocate.

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