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[IP] oooo BUBBLES ooooo

When I learned to fill my reservoir, my instructor told me to inject the insulin bottle from the top (with the bottle sitting flat on the table. I inject slightly more than the number of units I plan to withdraw. This way the air does not go into the insulin, just into the bottle.
Next, I tip the bottle and the syringe (reservoir) upside down and withdraw the insulin. I draw more than I need. 
Still holding the bottle and syringe upside down, I tap the syringe with a lipstick tube or tire pressure guage or something of that nature. Any bubbles travel to the top and I shoot them back into the bottle. I examine it closely to be sure all of them are out. I was told that the champagne size bubbles can be ignored, but I know that they too rise to the top.
I take the bottle away after I have the correct amt of insulin in the reservoir.
I remove the needle and attach the infusion tubing. 
 I use Quicksets with the injection divice. I set the loaded injector above the reservoir and manually send the insulin through the tube until a tiny drop appears on the tip of the quickset needle.
I load the pump, and place it a couple of feet lower that the Insertion device (like in a drawer underneath the dresser top) with the tube end of the pump at the top.
Then I set the pump up to prime 5 units, while I go take a shower. 

Since the large bubbles have been removed, and  the tiny ones have moved  to the top. They get primed out. 

I change every second day for the most part, and have not had any severe bubble problems. I do notice that some accumulate when the reservoir gets very close to empty, but then it is time to change anyway.

Good luck,
email @ redacted wrote:
>For some reason, I can't get
>the hang of filling the reservoir without bubbles.  I thought they were
>all out but now I see two large ones in the tubing.
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