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[IP] our trip to Japan

I just got back from a three week trip to Japan and wanted to share how much 
easier traveling, especially long distances has been since getting on the 
pump.  The time difference is 13 hours and I was able to transition both ways 
with little difficulty.  In addition, there were days that we did a 
tremendous amount of walking and ate only ices for lunch since it was very 
hot and by testing I was able to handle most of these days with little 
difficulty.  The one thing that was quite different was my reaction to eating 
noodles in Japan.  I did not have the same long term reaction to their 
noodles as I do to eating pasta here in the States.  I think they use less 
refined sugars in their udon and soba noodles.  So initially I tended to 
overtreat but learned after a while how my body reacted.  I had my only 
really bad low bg a few days after I came home.  I used Frio to carry extra 
insulin and that also worked out great.  Debby
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