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[IP] How IP has Saved Me $ - ~ Keep the List Alive ~

Has something you've learned here at IP helped you "save a set", or made one's sets last 
longer?  Have you been able to solve a problem due to someone else sharing their 
discoveries here on the list?   Have you found a way to adjust your basals or to bolus for 
a type of meal that always gave you trouble before reading solutions on this List?  I used 
to replace my sets every 2-1/2 days at longest before I read about Novolog here.  Since 
then I get 3 days minimum.  That 1/2 day over a year has meant 25 sets in savings.  With 
my copay, that is $25 saved.  I'm sending that savings back to IP.

For that costly set you saved, for those sets you didn't have to pay a co-pay for because 
they lasted longer, for those A1c's that have gotten so much better and just for the 
friendship you have found at IP;  it is NOW TIME to  PAY  IT  BACK!  

~~~~~~~~~~~ KEEP  THE  LIST  ALIVE!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


George     :>)
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