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Re: [IP] remember?

I was diagnosed at age 15 in 1966.  By then, we had TesTape
(urine test) instead of having to mix stuff in a test tube.
I also learned to inject using an orange and couldn't leave
the hospital before I could do it myself.  I don't remember
either of my parents being trained to give me shots, but I'm
sure Mom was watching part of the time while I was being
trained.  Neither of my parents ever gave me a shot; I always
did it myself once I got out of the hospital.  While I was in
the hospital, I was trained to use steel needles and how to sharpen
them, but I got to use disposable needles.  (But, I had
to use the disposable needles for about a week before switching
to a new needle unless it turned into a fish hook.)

Over the years, I let several people watch me giving myself a
shot, but I never volunteered to be a pin cushion for anyone
learning to give shots.  (I knew I had to have shots and I
could shoot myself, but I still get light-headed when someone
else gives me a shot (including flu shots).)

This is not a case of how great things were in the "good old
days". :-)

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