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[IP] Bubbles

I  changed my infusion site last night for the 2nd time ever, with the
D.E. talking me through it on the phone.  For some reason, I can't get
the hang of filling the reservoir without bubbles.  I thought they were
all out but now I see two large ones in the tubing.  Is there a way I
can re-prime and move them out when I see them, or must I start all
over?  I had a 148 at 3 am and woke up with a 210, so I am guessing the
bubbles were the cause.  

I'm now wondering if perhaps my sight and manual dexterity with the
reservoir, sets, etc is not good enough for managing a pump - or do
others go through this the first week?  Also I can't seem to take the
tape off the Silhouette without lifting the plastic so high that I cause
a little bleeding.  My readings have not been as good as when I was on
Lantus - nearly all in the 200's so far and the D.E. is working with the
basal rates each day.   Linda
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