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[IP] Re: remember? - sharpening needles

In a message dated 8/12/02 email @ redacted writes:

<< remember keeping my syringe in an olive jar, because it was tall and thin, 
and we kept it full of alcohol with a bunch of cotton at the bottom to keep 
the needle from dulling.   Seems it would for a few weeks (months?) but 
eventually it was time for the whet stone again.  That and that really fine  
steel wire that we would run through the needle to be sure there weren't any 
burrs that would come loose. >>

My container was an old cut-glass sort of solt shaker that was wide at the 
bottom and narrow at the top, to limit the times it got knocked over (gr.>.  
Also the cotton in the bottom and filled with alcohol.  But the only 
sharpener I ever used was a metal nail file, never anything to run through 
it.  I remember the needle once catching in my thigh, and actually breaking 
off.  I was maybe 11 or 12, and home alone, and was able to get it out pretty 
quickly, but it did freak me out (still does, actually <gr.>).

The container got broken in France when I was 15.  I was living in a 
quonset-hut kind of girls dormitory with a boarding school class spending the 
semester in France, and somehow or other, in those days pre-hbgm days (1962) 
with absolutely no support for my diabetes control, I had ended up in the 
hospital.  (Not carried away in an ambulance:  I had marched into the 
American Hospital in Paris and announced that I was unable to get my diabetes 
under control.  But I was treated as if, and believed myself, that it was all 
my fault.  Certainly no one ever suggested that a 15-year-old's hormonal 
variations might be part of the problem.)  While I was gone, the boys raided 
the girls dorm, and evidently someone came through the window next to my 
bedside table where the container just sat, because it didn't after all fit 
in the drawer.  After that, I always kept my (1 remaining) syringe in a 
plastic carrying case, from which the alcohol periodically leaked out as it 
lay on its side in the drawer <gr.>.  And, yes, I did have a couple of really 
gross injection sites after that  (I did boil the syringe occasionally, but 
never the plastic carryiing case).

Linda Z
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