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[IP] cure

bascran wrote:

> do you not consider the artificial pancreas, basically,  a mechanical 

no.  a "cure" does not mean a trade off.  When one is CURED, one is free, and 
one will never be free with a mechanical device, whether in the form of an 
articial pancreas or an insulin pump, and personally I will take the 
controllable, KNOWN factor of an insulin pump over ANYTHING out there right 
now, OR in the foreseeable future.

Many people rave about the possibility of transplants?  pancreas, stem cell, 
beta cells....blahblah blahFagedaboudit...I am not going to trade my 
relatively reliable Profile meter, and insulin pump that does EXACTLY what I 
tell it (when I forget to tell it somethng, or tell it WRONG stuff, it ain't 
the pumps fault), for a lifetime of anti rejection drugs and the threat that 
it may not last.  

A cure means waking up and having to pee real bad cuz you drank too much beer 
the night before, NOT because you have high blood sugar.  A cure means going 
to water park and wondering if your bathing suit makes you fat and not 
worrying about your pump getting stolen from the ice chest.  A cure means 
going to the doctor for a flu shot cuz you are OLD and not because you are in 
some "labeled" high risk category.  A cure means many htings to many 
people...for some, the pump is a cure (they are sadly mistaken of course...), 
for some, it is a mental thing.  When i don't think about diabetes or how it 
is affecting my moment to moment existence, THEN I will be cured...hmmm 
sometimes death DOESN"T seem so bad...LOL  kidding

of course, i still walk the walkathons and read the news and ask questions 
and write letters to my worthless congresspeople in the HOPES that someday 
they will cure diabetes, instead of just sticking stupid bandaids, like 
iinhaled insulin, on it...

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