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Re: [IP] the "OLD" days

When I was diagnosed in 1949, the nurse told me to give shots on the top or
anterior portion of my thigh about 3 inches proximal to my knee.  I remember
trying it there and it hurt like h***.  Never again there for me.  So I
start putting it in my buttocks as far back as I could reach.  After several
years of doing that, I couldn't help but notice that my once fatty area had
atrophied and made an unusual dent in both thighs.  It's gone now of
course...my dents not my buttocks.  I was in the hospital for a whole month
when I was diagnosed.  My parents, especially my mother, were real concerned
about me.  She arranged to have the Home Economics class at the local high
school, where I was a new freshman, make lunches for me every day.  In
retrospect one of the bad things about high school was that I didn't take
gym classes at all for fear of having insulin reactions.  I skipped them in
college, too.  I was also embarrassed back then to ever mention to anyone
about having diabetes.  And I seldom mentioned it all through high school
and college.  But now I'm proud of having survived it for almost 53 years.
So there.
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