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[IP] waiting for a cure...

also, in regards to the comment made about the "cure" being made only for 
"future potential diabetics..."  

   do you not consider the artificial pancreas, basically,  a mechanical 
cure...i guess it depends on how you assess the word, cure...but to me, the 
artificial pancreas will be a cure because it will mean no more diabetes 
management and constant fingersticks...and being a first yr med student and 
being in first hand contact with the clinical trials that are going on in 
that field, lemme tell you FOR SURE that the closed loop system is VERY close 
to completion....the different pump companies, animas, disetronic and minimed 
are all in a race to come out with the most efficient closed loop system 
first...minimed is without a doubt, in the lead.

          but i agree with your comment on not waiting for something like 
that to forestall your life...living is in THE NOW....what are you waiting 

             get out there and do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!   peace.  bassem+
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