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RE: [IP] yay for faygo!!!

Faygo.  Wow, great memories.  I was diagnosed in 1980 and the choices were
diet 7up (which was much more disgusting then it is now), diet Faygo
products which came in a lot of flavors (fruit punch, orange, Frosh, Redpop,
Cherry Berry, Rock & Rye...), and TAB.  There may have been diet pepsi also,
but I don't remember.

I loved Faygo, since it was the only good tasting soda. They do still make
it(http://www.faygo.com).  You can email them to find out where they sell it
in your state.

I do remember when diet Coke came on the market, because our area was in the
'test market'.  The original recipe was pretty nasty, but they improved on
it.  I think nutrasweet made it remarkably  better.  I drink way too much
diet Coke now. :-)

-- Sherry
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