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[IP] crumbs

i just laugh when i think about when i was hospitalized in 7th grade to get 
"regulated." i had been diabetic for 2 years and they finally decided to add 
a second shot (this was 1976....so I was there a week getting tested, poked, 
lectured...blah blah blah...then sent home with a diet plan and a insulin 
plan...what they never took into account was the 2 candy bars a night a 
friend of mine snuck in for me......

no WONDER I was always low in gym class for the next 6 months.....LOLOLOLOLOL

ahhh hindsight is 20/20 isn't it, but would it have been so difficult to 
EXPLAIN things PROPERLY to me so I could UNDERSTAND????  I was not/am not a 
stupid child...I just don't remember them trying to TEACH me anything...SCARE 
me, yes, with the scary photos of people with no legs, and guide dogs...but 
fear does not inspire me....knowledge does...even then...

oh well

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