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[IP] waiting for a cure?

Allison wrote:
> Once you're cured, what is the first thing you're going to 
> do? Go to Africa? Throw a huge party? Eat lots and lots of cake? 

Now, why oh why, would I wait for a CURE to do any of those things????  i 
ahve never let diabetes stop me from doing anything, so why will a CURE be 
any different, other than I won't have to tote an extra bag of supplies 

I have been all over Europe, the US, the caribbean, been hot air ballooning, 
white water rafting, rock climbing, water skiing, braved the NYC subways to 
go to work - heck, about the only things I havent done are jump out of an 
airplane, bunjee jump, or eat chocolate covered grasshoppers, and to be 
honesty, nonen of those things are on my list,,,and neither is going to 
Africa (they don't have ben and jerry's there), 

As far as eating lots and lots of cake...welll.......let's just say, once you 
know what your carb to insulin ratio is, you CAN eat lots and lots of 
cake.....and if you are bolusing right, you can get fat just like everyone 

I want a cure, don't get me wrong, but I sure am not ON HOLD until it comes 
around!!  Instead of dreaming about a cure, and to be honest, they are NOT 
working on a cure for US - they are working on a cure for FUTURE potential 
diabetics, why don't we just get busy living our lives, and eating the damn 
cake now!!

Sara Smarty Pants AZ
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