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Re: [IP] remember? - sharpening needles

On 8/12/02 12:16 AM, "John Kinsley" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> George said:
>>>>  I remember sharpening my 24 gaugers with a whet stone.  It makes me
> laugh
> when some react in horror seeing those pictures from the B&D advertising
> trying to keep Dmers from reusing needles.   I wonder what my needle would
> have looked like under the microscope.   I remember one of the
> qualifications I used to determine if it needed sharpening was if it "hung"
> on coming back out.         ;>)  <<<
> Good point, George.  I never made the connection with BDs ads and the old
> needle sharpening days.  I determined the need for sharpening the same way
> you did despite being instructed to insert the needle into a ball of cotton.
> If it snagged a strand of cotton while pulling it out, it was in need of
> sharpening.
> John Kinsley
> Type 1 - 1956
> MiniMed 507 - 1998

Seems I'm so used to disposable pads that I forgot the ever present cotton
balls.   I also remember keeping my syringe in an olive jar, because it was
tall and thin, and we kept it full of alcohol with a bunch of cotton at the
bottom to keep the needle from dulling.   Seems it would for a few weeks
(months?) but eventually it was time for the whet stone again.  That and
that really fine  steel wire that we would run through the needle to be sure
there weren't any burrs that would come loose.  Yep, things have changed for
the better.   I can't imagine a one-a-day world anymore.        ;>)

Dxed 1964, "Reborn" 8/13/98
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