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[IP] Crumbs for the hungry

Barbara said:
>>>  Your (Debbies) story of licking the crumbs off your plate (to get the
last morsel of
food) reminded me of my own remedy for hunger back in the '50s.  Oh, and I
also licked any crumb I could find!

As a newly -diagnosed 8-year-old diabetic in the hospital, my diet plan was
extremely paltry and I was often ravenously hungry, but of course they
wouldn't give me anymore food.  My solution?  I sprinkled salt into the
palm of my hand and licked it up, again and again.  I don't remember if
that made me feel any better.  <<<
--------- ----------------------------

In addition to going after the crumbs when I was in the hospital with a
similarly paltry supply of food (1956), I would squeeze out some toothpaste
to eat.  When my family physician found out, he ordered that I was to have
as much as I wanted at meal and snack times and that he would adjust my
insulin accordingly.  Revolutionary thinking for the mid 50s.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MiniMed 507 - 1998
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