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[IP] temp basal question- please help

hey everyone, im pretty new to pumping, about a month...and im still trying 
to figure out some of the specifics, like using the temp basal feature.

   first off, when doing something like vigorous exercise, i lower my temp 
basal to .1 (from the normal rate of .3), and i think that should work...

   with drinking alcohol, im not too sure, cuz ultimately, it will lower your 
blood sugar...i live in manhatten and i WALK and go out a LOT, so i think im 
going to try to lower my temp basal when drinking and dancing or even just 
drinking alcohol..(what do you guys do?????????)

  like i said, im a BIG walker, and living in manhatten, you do a LOT of it, 
so what im wondering is, do you guys feel the need to lower your temp basal 
when walking long distances....im VERY curious about this....

  your replies and info on this subject matter is GREATLY appreciated....
                          thanks a lot......BASSEM
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