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[IP] Air Bubbles AGAIN

Hi all:
Well, I've been reading all the suggestions on how to keep those darn air
bubbles out of the reservoir and tubing and so this last time...

*	I kept the insulin out overnight so that it was room 	temperature.
*	I didn't pull the syringe all the way down to the 300 	mark but only a
little and pulled insulin a little at a time 	and kept knocking out big air
*	I filled the reservoir and stood it up on the flat side to
	let all the little air bubbles float to the top after tapping

After all of this, there was not one air bubble left in the reservoir so I
connected everything, primed the tubing and inserted my new set.

Not two days later, guess what?  The reservoir has air bubbles in it!!!

I check every night to see if there are any air bubbles in my tubing so I
won't have any problems with highs in the morning.

Well, got up this morning with a reading of "high"..checked tubing and yep,
there was a large space of an air bubble in it so I'm guessing I didn't get
insulin overnight.

I injected 8 U of insulin and within 3 hrs I was down to 88!  and steadily
dropping, no matter how much I ate....was still dropping by 4-4:30 PM and
ate some oreos while I was cooking dinner.

Now 5 hrs after I ate (only spinach, baked potato and salad), my b.g. is
over 350 all over again.  I know that it is a rebound thing and please don't
tell me that I should have bolused for the oreos....those of you who
continually crash after such a high will know what I went through today....

I know it is a rebound of some sort so I only bolused 1/2 of the correction
bolus to avoid another crash/high roller coaster.

The good thing out of all of this is that hubby was home to witness all of
this today and he couldn't believe it.

The bad thing is he still blames the pump as he still doesn't understand the
concept of having a short acting insulin delivering insulin 24/7 to keep me
on an even keel....ughhh....

So anymore suggestions on keeping air bubbles out of the reservoir and
tubing????  I think I've tried almost every suggestion there has been posted
on here and still getting air bubbles!!!

You can e mail me directly if you wish..
Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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