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Re: [IP] JV worries

I hope he can handle it but the older these guys get - the more aggressive 
they play and they're out for blood starting about this age - about anything 
goes on the soccer field and being such a large playing area they will try to 
get away with anything and everything they can - with only 2 refs - they 
can't see everything that goes on.  You will have to be vigalent with his dia
betes and depending upon his personality - how much he'll let mom interact on 
and off the soccer field - around his non-d friends, etc. remains to be seen. 
 But high school soccer is going to be different than his club teams when he 
was younger. My 16 yo son's played soccer since he was 5 and I've never known 
of a diabetic child playing (of course, parents aren't going to advertise it 
and there's no reason for anyone else to know if you're at the games - but 
when they get older, esp. high school age, I think there's such competition 
and so many kids out for soccer from huge schools, that, unfortunately, the 
d-children or any other child, for that matter, with a serious disease, gets 
weeded out.  Plus, on the school physical form - they ask all these 
questions, one of which is your child diabetic.  Not that they are forbidden 
to play but with all else being equal - and 20 "healthy" children that are 
raring to play, and other perfectly healthy kids getting cut from the team, I 
think usually diabetic children, unfortunately, don't make the cut.  Just my 
opinion, - if your child, however, even with diabetes, is a exceptional 
player, he will get to play, d or non-d.  Good luck!  Tammy

In a message dated 8/11/02 7:46:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Hi gang,
> I have some concerns I'm hoping other parents who have been thru this can 
> give
> me some advice. Kevin has played soccer for years. (8 to be exact) He has
> played on a county league for all of them which practices 2x per week and
> plays one game/week. That schedule I can handle since I go to all the
> practices and games. I'm extra careful with Kevin only because he also has
> ADHD and tends to forget the little things like TESTING (or be very 
> impulsive)
> or taking juice/food down to the field. Now, with JV, and the county 
> league,
> he will be playing 6 days a week! JV trains every day or has a game right
> after school...and I'm thinking he should do this on his own, BUT know 
> Kevin
> better. Of course, I will be talking to the coach, but a lot of the burden
> with be on Kevin. I hear the schedule and practices are grueling on the 
> body.
> How have you handled this? We have started talking to Kevin saying he's 
> gonna
> have to have snacks in his bag and Gatorade or sodas every day AND he will
> have to check as needed. He says all the right things, but I have my 
> questions
> about whether he will....Do most of you go to these practices? Or can your 
> 14
> year old handle it all?
> Thanks in advance.
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin, 14, dx 12/98
> pumping 5/99
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