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[IP] Change in site place

A Change in Place, a Change in Luck

For the past few months, my blood sugars were running at a constant high.
Despite my numerous attempts at changing pump sites and sets, acquiring
completely new vials of insulin, paying precise attention to what I ate, and
all those endless insulin patch-ups there was absolutely nothing I could do
to get those numbers into the normal range. Understandably, I was getting
increasingly baffled and frustrated, and my medical team began suggesting that
I might need to take an insulin sensitizer (such as Avandia or Actos) or
perhaps I would need to cut back on insulin dosing to upgrade my insulin
receptors. As a last-ditch attempt, my doctor advised changing my pump sites
to a completely different area of my body. Wonder of wonders, it worked!!

If you are having unexplained high blood sugars over a period of time that do
not respond to site or insulin changes, it may be that the skin at your usual
injection area has lost some of its absorption power. You might need to
experiment with a different place and improve your lot!

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends With Diabetes
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