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[IP] JV worries

Hi gang,

I have some concerns I'm hoping other parents who have been thru this can give
me some advice. Kevin has played soccer for years. (8 to be exact) He has
played on a county league for all of them which practices 2x per week and
plays one game/week. That schedule I can handle since I go to all the
practices and games. I'm extra careful with Kevin only because he also has
ADHD and tends to forget the little things like TESTING (or be very impulsive)
or taking juice/food down to the field. Now, with JV, and the county league,
he will be playing 6 days a week! JV trains every day or has a game right
after school...and I'm thinking he should do this on his own, BUT know Kevin
better. Of course, I will be talking to the coach, but a lot of the burden
with be on Kevin. I hear the schedule and practices are grueling on the body.
How have you handled this? We have started talking to Kevin saying he's gonna
have to have snacks in his bag and Gatorade or sodas every day AND he will
have to check as needed. He says all the right things, but I have my questions
about whether he will....Do most of you go to these practices? Or can your 14
year old handle it all?

Thanks in advance.

Mom to Kevin, 14, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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