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Re:[IP] Gatroparesis and the replacement for propulsid

> Does anybody know what the 'recommmended' drug for gastro is currently
> (in the US)??
> I know when I had it years ago I took propulsid but it is now on
> 'special case only' usage.

> One (or more) of my kids has a mitochondrial metabolic disorder which
> causes weakness and all kinds of strange side effects, in this case
> the equivelence of gastro.

> The doctor recommended reglan but this seems to put the poor kid to
> sleep (and as soon as she wakes up she has to take the next one).

I began on Propulsid when I was first diagnosed with gastroparesis, but was
taken off after they decided it was unsafe to use on me. Reglan gave me the
same problems with sleepiness, combined with the jitters.

I am currently using domperidone, which is also known as Motilin (or
Motillin, depending upon the country). It is not yet approved by the FDA,
however... I have read posts at a gastroparesis support group
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gastroparesis/) (you need to subscribe) where
one can purchase this medication without a prescription from Canada and New
Zealand. I'm currently living in Europe, and have been able to get it here
with a prescription with no problem. Talk to your doctor about the options
for your kid(s) and domperidone. For me, the drug has made a difference
between being able to eat or an ER visit later.

Hope this helps.

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