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Re: [IP] Re: Article in Philadelphia Inquirer (8/9)

On 8/10/02 11:34 AM, "James Parsons" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>> It is not us that were "cheated".   We are on the pump, we have the
>> improvement in control and enjoyment of life.   It was all the diabetic
>> readers who are NOT on the pump.   They are the ones that really lost out.
>> George
> Right on, George! If there are about 150,000 U.S. pumpers, that means there
> are something like 900,000 Type 1's on MDI. Most of them probably don't know
> what they are missing, as was my case prior to 2001. The sad thing is I bet
> many of them have doctors who tell them they are fine or that pumping isn't
> for them etc. etc. as was my case until I found a "pump-friendly" endo.
> Despite having to wait 37 years for a pump, I still feel lucky. But note
> that it was only because I was losing my vision that the insurance was
> willing to cover it. Do all those other Type 1's have to wait until they
> suffer complications to get "approved"? And what about the pump
> companies--couldn't they help educate the media/public/docs/insurance etc.?
> It would be to their benefit....
> JP

Well the pump companies try, but to their listeners it is a sales talk that
they are hearing.   It REALLY is up to US to get the word out.    That is an
important role that the IP website plays and it shows the importance of
getting those Pump Docs listed.   Anyone, even if they are not a member, can
access the list of Pump Friendly Doctors.   I don't know WHY we don't have
MORE of them listed there.  THIS  IS  IMPORTANT!

And this goes way beyond just the type 1's.   I think that doctors are
coming around to seeing how valuable a therapy pumping is for type 2's also.
So we now have at least 4 million diabetics whose value of life would
improve with pumping.   Remember, the difference between type 1 and type 2
is not really that much of a difference.  We both just die slowly from this
without the proper care.       :>(       TELL  IT  TO  EVERYONE!!!

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