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[IP] Re: age for chanigng sites - was He did it!

Susan B asks ?  How
old are most 'kids' when they start changing their own sites?  I'm sure it

Susan,  It does vary with age and with the child's personality.  Cory was 9
when he was dx'd so he was old enough to do his own injections and always
insisted on doing them himself.  His CDE did not want him to do all of them,
but he insisted.  I think if he had been dx'd at a younger age and had gotten
used to me doing the injections it might have taken longer for him to start
doing them.  He went on the pump at age 11 and again, from the very first
insertion, he did his own.  Yet, I know other children who are 15 and 16 who
still do not do their own injections or site changes.  I would be concerned
with the older children, because it seems to me that it would hold them back
socially.  How can they go out with their friends and such if they
can't/won't change an infusion set? What if an emergency comes up and they
can't reach their parents immediately?  For one as young as yours, I would
say he's got plenty of time to learn.  A lot of kids do their first site
changes or injections when they go to diabetes camp.  They see other kids
doing it and the nurse works with them so they can learn this skill and get
over the fear.
Susan S.
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