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[IP] Re: More fun with Clear Channel Entertainment

> The ticket taker asked to see what's inside the black bag holding my
> Accuchek Advantage monitor. I complied.  He said that no medicine is allowed
> through the front gate; I could enter only by going around through the
> "A.D.A" gate.  (Since when is DM a disability?).

So does that mean that ANYONE carrying ANY kind of prescription (or even
OTC) medication would have to use the "ADA gate"?  I'm thinking that
could be one crowded gate.....

Anyway, unless they can show a pretty compelling reason why it's "safer"
to have people w/ meds go through the "ADA gate" than through the
regular gate, this is still discrimination IMO.  What exactly is special
about the "ADA gate"?

> I'm angry about the stupidly uneven enforcement of their rules.  If I am
> relegated to their ADA entrance, perhaps I am entitled to the close-up ADA
> parking too.  Diabetes is not a disability.

In a situation like this, I'm glad they DO consider diabetes a
"disability" -- it's the only thing that gives us any legal protection
when companies try to pull stuff like this.

> My experience is progress over
> the events that prompted the Justice Department to sue Clear Channel.

Has anyone heard any updates about that lawsuit?  That whole story's
been bugging me ever since I first heard about it in April.  I'd like to
think I can go to public events without being harrassed about my
diabetes supplies (and so far I always have been able to -- but stories
like this keep me from taking that for granted!)  I wonder if this whole
"ADA gate" thing is part of a settlement?

I am glad that you were at least able to go to the concert.

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