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[IP] Re: where to test in school

Cory is 13 and will be in the 8th grade this year.  When he began Middle 
School he was allowed to test anywhere/anytime.  We had fought for that right 
for over a year.  Last year he still did most of his tests in the clinic 
because he was too embarrased to do them in the classroom.  But at least he 
is allowed to carry his meter and Lifesavers in his pockets so that if he 
needs them immediately, they are there.  I also gave every teacher a tube of 
glucose gel and 2 juice boxes.  In gym, he keeps a small box of juice and 
peanut butter crackers in the teacher's office.  If he wants to take his pump 
off during gym, he can leave it in the teacher's office also.  No other 
student is allowed in there.  It's easier to do wrestling and such if he has 
the pump off.  
Your son is still very young, so in order for him to carry his test kit and 
do his glucose tests in the classroom, he may have to demonstrate his ability 
to do this and to do it in a manner that is safe for the other students. If 
you feel he can do this, I would suggest that you talk with his doctor and 
have him write to the school.  It would be great if his teacher would agree 
to monitor the glucose testing.  Even if he isn't allowed to test in the 
room, he should always be able to carry a sugar source with him and to have 
some in the classrooms he goes to. 
Susan S.
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