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Re: [IP] remember?

Well for my memories, I was dxd January 1964 at 13 in for 14 days. They first 
thought I had leukemia.  Learned injections via orange. I remember itching 
until my body got use to the insulin.  Did exchanges and counted CRUMBS boy 
was I hungry. Remember they let me have an extra piece of bread one time I 
called my mom on payphone from hospital and said mom bring me a LOAF of bread 
they let me have another piece. I used glass syringes and metal needles.  I 
went to family doctor every two weeks for blood test for glucose monitoring.  
I used sucrose and saccharin pills in cold cereal.  I remember having my 
first low at home and mom held me in bed and said I dont know how to fix it 
but I wont leave you.  I let mom give me my first shot at home she drew blood 
that was last time anyone gave me a shot. I remember fizzles in tube for 
urine test.  
My first husband was told in 1968 not to get me pregnant (I had 7 
miscarriages by then) because next one would kill me because of the diabetes. 
 He wouldnt and we divorced but I do have one beautiful son now 28 from 
second marriage.  I left the hospital after his birth on Christmas day and my 
endo told me if I was going to drink alcohol mix it with diet soda so my 
sugar wouldnt run high.  My son's just been dxd with Type 2 in May his 
father's side lol.  Remember Diet Rite cola and Tab and I also think Im a 
laboratory rat from all the saccharine Ive injested to date.  Remember coming 
home from hospital in January of 64 and being told I could have chocolate 
candy but only Dark cause that didnt have any sugar in it.
Wow what memories! And they are just a few.  Love the pump love the group 
HATE diabetes!  Jan  
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