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[IP]diet drinks and injecting oranges

when I was dx'd in the early "80's"the only diet drink we could find was 
TAB and FAGO. the FAGO was great it came in all kinds of flavors,but still 
to this day love the taste of TAB. also when I spent my first several weeks 
in the hospital they had me on R and NPH beef and pork insulin. they would 
come to my room several times a day with two vials. one was clear water and 
the other had red water in it. they would have me practice drawing up the 
two and inject any orange. several times the endo. and his nurse let me 
stick them.the hardest adjustment for me as a 7 year old in the south was 
to give up ice tea and homemade ice cream.all we had to make the tea was 
sweet and low, saccharin, and that clear crap in the clear and blue bottle.
Phil Davis 
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