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Re: [IP] remember?

> it seems to me like the kids are kept in hospital for much shorter periods
> of time now, too. maybe
> i was just sicker when i was diagnosed, but i stayed in teh hospital for
> two weeks.

>>>My brother was in two weeks, my daughter three days...personally, I think
that is an insurance thing....I sure wasn't ready, as a single Mom with
another child to bring her home after that length of time...but here we are
five years later, more or less, in tact.....Beverly>>>

I was in 15 days and my records show one BG a day!! However, there was no
such thing as hospitalization insurance in 1950 and Mom had to go to work to
pay the bills. This left me at home alone (11.5) until I was released to
return to school - a few more weeks. I cried daily as I watched her leave
and walk down the street - wish she'd had hugged me and told me she loved
me. Fortunately, they *never* made me feel like I cost them too much $$ -
let alone all the other molly coddling and doing for me. YMMV (~_^)

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