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Re: [IP] remember?

i remember the orange! they let me play with it and stab it for a few days, then they gave me a
barbie doll with spots marked on her (which i stabbed much more enthusiastically). 

what i don't understand is the doctors letting kids go home without at least knowing how to do
shots, even if their parents are planning to do it for them most of the time. i was diagnosed at
age ten, and they didn't let me go home until i knew how to do everything by myself. neither of my
parents has ever given me a shot, although i have allowed my curious and fun-loving college
buddies to stick me at will. i worked at a camp for 6-to-16-year-olds with diabetes, and i am
continually astonished at the number of kids i see who don't know how to do their own shots or
blood sugars. 

it seems to me like the kids are kept in hospital for much shorter periods of time now, too. maybe
i was just sicker when i was diagnosed, but i stayed in teh hospital for two weeks.

becky (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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