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Re: [IP] insulin use

John, The amount of insulin people require varies considerably.  You and
your endo ought to be able to figure out your insulin needs for the month
pretty easily.  I know that the MiniMed 508 calculates the daily amount of
all insulin used (basal and all boluses) and keeps a week's worth of data at
a time.  Multiply by 4 and add bit more and you'll see what you're using.
Or, add up the amount of insulin you get from your basals each day and add
up your typical amount of boluses, multiply by 4, add a fudge factor, and
you'll see if 2 vials will do it or not.  If you've done all that and still
think 2 vials is not enough, tell your endo and have him/her prescribe more
for you.  Also, it's not a bad idea to have enough prescribed so you can
keep extra vials on hand at work, at home, wherever.  The bottom line is,
you have to have the amount of insulin that is appropriate for you, no less!

Good luck!
> I am A new pumper,  about 4 weeks now, using a paradigm with Humalog,  I
> wondering how much Insulin different folx are using.  I recently received
> prescription from my endo for mail order & it appears that it is going to
> about 2 vials a month, which from what I have experienced so far, doesnt
> appear to be enough.
> Anyone with thoughts on this?
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