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Re: [IP] Re: Article in Philadelphia Inquirer (8/9)

In a message dated 8/10/02 12:35:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Right on, George! If there are about 150,000 U.S. pumpers, that means there
> are something like 900,000 Type 1's on MDI. Most of them probably don't 
> know
> what they are missing, as was my case prior to 2001. The sad thing is I bet
> many of them have doctors who tell them they are fine or that pumping isn't
> for them etc. etc. as was my case until I found a "pump-friendly" endo.

The key phrase here is :Most of them probably don't know
what they are missing,.....I spoke to a mom recently whose son had opted to 
discontinue pumping for the summer, since he'd viewed it as a deterrent last 
summer to being a "happy camper". She said he resented disconnecting for 
swimming & was uncomfortable playing baseball etc. I didn't debate ways they 
could have dealt with that, because I was more disconcerted by her telling me 
that he'd gone back on shots of NPH & Humalog, and of course was having 
difficulty with  control, awakening in the 300s daily!!!
    I asked why they hadn't considered Lantus & the mom said "oh we tried 
that years ago"...wrong....she was thinking of Lente...she knew nothing about 
Lantus & why it would have been a preferable alternative, nor had the ped 
endo even suggested it....
    So even with an ostensibly proactive, educated pump family, the 
information gap still persists.... which is why this IP group is so 
invaluable to all of us who are NOT content to simply accept what the doctor 
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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