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[IP] What about Diet Rite Cola

When I was first diagnosed in 1965, I, along with a friend, searched the 
grocery shelves, reading the backs of cans for sugar ingredient.  No such 
thing then as Carbs, Fats, Protein, Sodium etc.

Imagine the joy I felt when, after being a Coke addict, I discovered Diet 
Rite Cola.  Now it was disgusting with a terrible aftertaste but better than 
nothing.  I actually began to tolerate it until Tab hit the scene.  I was a 
Tab drinker for many years.  Carried one with me everywhere I went.
(Probably had some Ketosis) Anyway, I was delighted when Diet Pepsi hit the 
scene and even more so when the Caffeine Free came out.

I have really enjoyed reminiscing about the "good old days" Amazing that any 
of us made it at all.  LOL I read that I would be blind after 10 yrs. and 
would no doubt lose a leg by 13 ys. diag.  Not nice to hear with a new baby, 
a 31/2 yo and a 5 yo.

We need to reach around and give ourselves a "pat on the back."
Don't you think?   FWIW..........Jackie Pearce
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