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Re: First injections, still using oranges? Re: [IP] remember?

\> > Question for the IP list: Are newly diagnosed
> 1's still using oranges?
> >
> > Tom Beatson
> > dx 12/9/42, 506 1995, 508 2000
   Compared to all the folks on this list who've had
diabetes for decades,I reckon I am pretty
"recent"(though not newly dx).I was dx 12/10/98,(at
17)after a night in the ER I was shipped up to general
peds. The next morning the nurse gave me a
shot,diabetes education began that afternoon,3
sessions in 3 days.Didn't learn the fine art of "shot
giving" till the next day's session.I didn't have an
orange,just had to jab that thing in there.(after they
gave me 3 shots,I was beginning to learn the proper
method) Much more challenging to me was drawing up the
insulins(regular and lente)in the same syringe,without
contaminating(ie,getting lente in the reg. or vice
versa)them.When some bottles did undergo that
fate,they quickly became "practice" bottles before I
could do the real thing.My diabetes educater made it a
little easier by telling me to put the Lente on my
left,Reg. on the right and then going left,
right,left,right with injecting air,then drawing the
insulin.That night they drew the insulin,I gave the
shot,(they still didn't think too much of my syringe
filling capabilities)though its always hard the first
time,I just followed instructions and it wasn't very
painful,just took some getting used to.(thats part of
the difference between dx in the 50's vs the 90's,the
ease of shot giving)I was informed I had to do it
"all" before I could be discharged.Next morning,I
again gave the shot but didn't draw up the insulin,but
the evening shot I sucessfully  "did it all",later was

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