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Re: [IP] Washington Post Readers - What was that

> OK guys - whatever it is, or was, or shall ever for be - let's give them
> credit that they are actually ADDESSING the issue of Type I  children and
> once getting off their (the media's) obsession with Type II.  (They only
> speak of that which they know - they can't or won't or don't want to take
> time to understand Type I - it's too deep for them)  Why, after 32 years
> dealing with this ___, do I feel I need to educate the world?

while i agree that  the media does pay a larger amount of attention to type
2 diabetes these days, it is probably due to the fact that type 2 diabetes
is more common than type one.  i think the estimate is that 90% of diabetics
are type 2?  also, type one doesn't seem to have any behavioural causal
factors, but type 2 can be more or less prevented in many people (no, i
know, not in all), so the attention is merited.
i think one of the things that got me mad when i was initially dx'd with dm
(the doctor had said it was type 2, based mostly on bg and that i wasn't
skinny.  man, he was awful.  at the time of dx i was still making insulin,
but over the year and a bit it decreased substantially, yet he'd never
tested my insulin levels.  bleah!) was that there was a lot less sympathy if
people heard it was type 2, since they thought of it as the fat dm.  do
note, while i'm not skinny, i'm not that fat either.  lot of dumb comments
about how at least i had the less serious dm.  <sigh> lot of other hurtful
stuff.  when finally the new endo tested the insulin, and i started shooting
up, one person summed it up pretty well in that now people wouldn't be
considering it a weight disease for me.  she was right, it was almost a
relief to have to inject (besides actually starting to feel better for a
change), since now instead of snide comments and remarks, i got sympathy and
admiration for being able to stick 3-4 needles in me a day.

i'm babbling!
i also have an exam in 3&1/2 hours, which i'm totally prepared for.

i'm not saying the media shouldn't address the issues around type 1.  they
should, especially the costs associated with treatment.  there is no way in
hell that any family of a diabetic, or a diabetic, type one or two,  should
have to worry about paying for the insulin, and supplies.  we all know how
much it costs, but we also know the long term costs if the dm is not
properly treated.  i can't figure out why the provincial gov't won't pay for
test strips or other dm supplies which can help a person keep control over
his or her dm.  only when the complications are serious will they pay
(amputations, other joyous stuff).

and then let's talk about gym classes... <G>  ok, time to continue

liz - just over one week to the endo appointment, may i get that pump
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