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[IP] Re: Costs a while ago...

Jenny Sutherland wrote, in part:
>>>I have an old 1940 Joslin Manual and it specifically says to not talk
about your diabetes. That 2 diabetics should not marry and have children. It
even instructs how to make your own Benedict's Solution..... Gave a recipe
for Agar gelatin.... LOL! Really, insulin was cheaper, but he said that
were usually cr**py.>>>

I would not date someone who had DM and after our marriage when my kids were
little, my m-i-l was so happy her sister was finally dx'd (m-i-l thrived on
illnesses). I was devestated and asked the pediatrician about my kids'
increased changes of DM. He asked how old the aunt was - 65. He said, "If
your kids can live to 65 before dx'd with DM, more power to them."

As far as costs, my f-i-l said their house payments were $10 mo. I said,
"You probably had just as much trouble coming up with that amount back then
as we do coming up with ours today." He agreed.

The scary thing is, $10 for a house payment back then, and a T-Shirt can
cost multiple times that today. What about a T-Shirt in the future costing
multiple times today's house payments??? I won't mention shoes (how about
visiting the repairman multiple x for the same pair)!

Senator Estes Kefauver wanted to get the price of insulin equal to a pack of
cigarettes. He never achieved that goal before he died. I mostly recall for
years and years the price of a vial of insulin was $2.83 - in the '50s and

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