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Re: [IP] How do you aply Emla cream?

Dianne wrote:
 >>>I'm going to be trying Emla cream.  I thought the doctor said to apply a
small amount.  In the directions it says to apply a thick layer over where
the set will be going in. >>>

My son is 10 and just started pumping approx 1mo ago and we have found that 
if you apply a size of pea area of emla then apply a Tegaderm over it while 
making the area increase as you apply it <in other words make the pea size 
smear down into the size of a quarter> DO NOT SMEAR IT IN LIKE LOTION you 
want it to stay in a layer and then leave it on for an hour it will diappear 
as time goes on then clean it with alchol or soap and water then dry and 
continue with your insertion regimn (sp). This has worked the best for him 
but as you will find it is what you need to try to see if ours or someone 
elses is the best way for you. Hope this helped let me know if I can be of 
any other help. email @ redacted

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