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[IP] Re: Citrus Or No?

On 8/9/02 10:18 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> Question for the IP list: Are newly diagnosed Type 1's still using oranges?

Uh-Uh. I was Dx'ed at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, N.I. On Sunday
Sept 9th '84, and that was about 3:30pm when I got my first insulin.
The next evening, they came in and said: "Right! Here're your insulins,
here's a syringe. Draw it up." I already knew what they were giving me -read
how to draw up the stuff, and so she guided me through the physical drawing
it up. I thought She would do the actual 'jag' but then she said "That's
good, in your leg there with that!".

No oranges, no pity, just Do It!. I think the nurses now work at NIKE :-P

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Jenny Sutherland
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