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[IP] Re: Costs a while ago...

On 8/9/02 3:23 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> For all of you "old-timers"!  Remember when we only paid 99 cents for a
> bottle of U-40 and 1.99 for U-80?  I remeber those glass syringes and
> stainless needles!  Oh, they were dull!  I only got to use disposables when

What then was the minimum wage folks had to live on? I think in comparison
to this day's wages, the prices back then would be impressive. But my dad
told me a car even at $1,200 would be just as difficult to afford on the
"Back then" pay packet one would get in a semi-professional job as it is

And despite the wish for all to "Pull their own weight" what would happen to
blind, or disabled folks back then?

My dad was 89 when he died last year and I have a pic of him in 1924
'driving' his dad's cart with a wheel on a stick (Looked like that anyway)
and he said bread was a few cents and remembered saying he'd quit driving if
Gasoline got to 40 cents and so on.

I have an old 1940 Joslin Manual and it specifically says to not talk about
your diabetes. That 2 diabetics should not marry and have children. It even
instructs how to make your own Benedict's Solution..... Gave a recipe for
Agar gelatin.... LOL! Really, insulin was cheaper, but he said that wages
were usually cr**py.

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Jenny Sutherland
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