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Re: [IP] leg sites

In a message dated 8/7/02 11:10:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> someone asked about results in leg sites....
> i think many people would agree that they find quicker absorption of the 
> insulin when htey use a leg site rather than a more fat padded area, such 
> as 
> the buttocks or abdomen.  It is a fact that insulin is transported more 
> quickly in muscle than in fat, perhaps because of the more efficient blood 
> flow?  I don't tknow the exact physiology but even in the dark ages of the 
> 70s when I was diagnosed, my doctor told me not to inject into my legs on 
> the 
> days i was going skiing.
> I love leg sites, personally, because of the predictably quick absorbtion.  
> My problem is I will invariably forget it is THERE and rip the sucker out 
> as 
> I shuck my trousers running to the bathroom having waited too long to 
> stroll 
> to the wc in a more relaxed fashion...
> Another problem i have with my legs is that I have very little fat on my 
> legs 
> - yes that is a problem, smart ass....the silhouettes leave a large bump  
> under the skin - not a "pump bump where the canula went in, but more a 
> raised 
> lump about an inch or so in diameter.  It is usually "visible" for about a 
> week, but I can feel the lump under the skin for up to a month...
> Leg sites are especially handy when you are having laparotomeys (sp) and 
> other stomach surgeries...

    Thank you so much for your reply!  I was reluctant to try the leg site 
because I  had so many bad and sudden insulin reactions when injecting into 
my thighs with a syringe, before I started on the pump, and was wondering if 
I would get the same results with a pump site, or if it would not be as 
intense of a low as it was when I was injecting.  I'd like to try it because 
my stomach needs a rest.
                                            Thank you,

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