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[IP] How do you aply Emla cream?

Dianne wrote:
>>>I'm going to be trying Emla cream.  I thought the doctor said to apply a
small amount.  In the directions it says to apply a thick layer over where
the set will be going in. >>>

You'll need a white blob.

>>>  How large of an area do you cover?  >>>

I would think for infusion site insertion the size of a nickel would be
sufficient? I put mine on the full length of the graft in my arm since I do
not know where they will insert the dialysis needles - or even if they'll
need to re-insert that night. :(

>>>Do you cover the area that you applied the cream on with a bandaid? >>>

Use a piece of Saran Wrap - it helps the warmth of the skin to melt it in -
and not smear off nor get on clothes.

>>>(in the directions, it says to cover the area after applying and wait 1
hour, wash off the cream and insert).>>>

With the needles they use on me and they are pretty painful, I apply it 2
hours before - probably another YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) thingy. (~_^)

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