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[IP] philly article

barb asked

>What are your opinions?

she did!!  re-read her post - she ASKED for our (my) opinion....I think all 
the news articles and media related to new improvements, breakthrough 
technology, yada yada yada, blah blah blah is all a load of crap.....

The last major breakthrough was in the early 1920s WHEN THEY DISCOVERED 
INSULIN...since then they have just made better, more efficient, less painful 
ways to get it into our bodies, which, GRANTED, is all well and good, but how 
about a FREAKING CURE!!!!!  


just tired of being thrown these ridiculous bones that they THINK will 
placate us enough to keep us from getting as active, vocal and demanding like 
those AIDS and breast cancer activists, NOT to take anything away from their 
causes as they are certainly horrible diseases...oh lets just sit here and be 
"happy" about lantus and sharper lancets, shall we?  pass the ben and 

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